Creating User Flows

This is a quick guide and video on how to create your first user flows

User flows are the best way to model and communicate how your digital product works. This is why user flows are at the heart of Primary.

Visualizing your user flows in 3 minutes ?

Things to remember

  • Just make some User Flows. It does not matter if you make the User Flow too long, or too short, you can easily fix this. Pick something the user wants to achieve and describe it in a flow.
  • Each User Flows describes the way your user achieves a goal that has value to them.
  • The name you give your User Flows is important. The best names are informative and describe one of your users’ goals. A good example is “Discover latest posts“, which is much better than just “posts“.
  • Start by telling the story of each User Flow in a series of steps, record what the User does in each step.
  • Later, add in the detail in the form of what the User sees, what information is being used and what rules are applied during the User flow.