Release Log

This page shows a release log of changes made to the app after October 2019.

30 June 2021

  • PAFE-160 Journey Refactor
  • PAFE-128 CSRF token added to comments
  • PAFE-161 Presentation all users
  • PABE-75 Change process for unaccepted invites

13 May 2021

  • PAFE-66 Flow designer layout update.
  • PAFE-79 In-line preview.
  • PAFE-88 Clickable prototypes.
  • PAFE-113 Toggle between classic and hotspot modes.

2 April 2021

  • PAFE-19 Configurable Kanban status.
  • PAFE-41 Delete flow state.
  • PAFE-63 Journey duplication.
  • PAFE-9 Jira ‘sync’ button in Next Gen projects

15 March 2021

  • Full screen presentation mode.
  • Browser links throughout app.
  • PAFE-2 Add create Epic to Jira Classic projects.

22 February 2021

  • Jira integration.
  • Confluence integration.
  • Presentation update.
  • Various bug fixes.

22 December 2020

  • Inline comments in document view.
  • Canvas Pan and Zoom view.
  • Independent project windows with syncing between sessions.

22 November 2020

  • Dark-mode presentation.
  • Anyone with the link password.
  • SSO integration.
  • Kanban in review mode.
  • Billing contact.
  • Security updates.

22 August 2020

  • Persona and App split.
  • Figma integration.
  • Add help to Journeys.

22 June 2020

  • New navigation layout.

22 March 2020

  • Customer Journeys
  • Platform upgrade
  • Form to Data, Data to Form.

22 January 2020

  • #1615 Reorder Elements by dragging.
  • #1612 Bulk delete action on Elements.
  • #1477 Improvements to Fork function for copying historic project versions.

5 December 2019

  • #1524 Branch indicator for step in Flow Overview.
  • #1575 Update timezone calculation library.
  • #1591 Changes to log in, sign up and forgot password to support new website architecture.
  • #1520 Add Resources element type.

26 October 2019

  • #1547 Links to specific flows can be followed by not-logged in users if the project is set to ‘anyone with a link can view’. Previously the first flow would be displayed despite a specific flow being linked.
  • #1545 Left arrow on first Step links to flow overview. The left navigation on the first Step is now linked to the flow overview for that Flow. Previously it was not linked.
  • #1517 Right click menu for image upload. Added a menu with Paste and Browse options to the wireframe drag zones in the empty Step and Interface views.

18 October 2019

  • #1433 Open comment box when following link from the Message Center. If the specific link to the Flow, Step or Element is followed in the Message Centre, the comment box will be open on the target page.
  • #1529 Minor design changes to Flow Overview. Remove the segment of blue line that made the Flow seem to be incomplete in the ‘Show Images’ shared view.
  • #1527 Add a waiting ‘spinner’ to the Element create dialog to prevent double clicking.
  • #1525 Show branches in the step navigation in presentation mode. Branches can be followed from the Step menu in presentation mode by selecting the Alternate Flow from a menu.
  • #1519 Selecting text on the step view by mouse was impossible as the Step slider moved instead of selecting text. Fixed.
  • #1539 Markdown export changes. Several fixes to the markdown export and optimisation of the markdown generation.