Flows are a description of a User interaction with the modeled App in the form of a series of steps.

Flow Properties

NameName of the Flow
StepsA Group contains from one to many Steps

Flow Volumetrics

There is no limit to the number of Flows that can be created for a Project with a Pro or Team account. Free accounts can only create 8 Flows. Alternative Flows are included in this total. A typical Group will contain up to 15 Flows.

Flow Functions

Creating a FlowFlows are created on the Project page by adding them to a group, or on the Flow page using the Create Flow button.
Deleting a FlowFlows can be deleted from the ‘…’ menu on the Flow page.
Rename a FlowFlows can be renamed by clicking on the existing name.
Re-order FlowsFlows can be dragged within or between Groups on the Project page to re-order them.