Steps are the detailed description of a User interaction with the modeled App, and the App’s response to that action. The response is in the form of a description, and/or a series linked Elements.

Step Properties

ActionThe Action by a User to initiate the Step
ResponseThe response of the modeled App to the User’s Action
Linked ElementsA Step may have many linked Elements, the link is described with a verb.

Step Volumetrics

There is no limit to the number of Steps that can be created in a Flow, but in practice it is rare for a Flow to have more than 10 steps. A flow will typically contain between 3 and 7 steps.

Step Functions

Creating a StepSteps are created on the Flow View page.
Deleting a StepSteps can be deleted on the Step Detail page.
Re-order StepsSteps can be dragged within a Flow on the Flow View page to re-order them.
Edit Step ActionThe Step Action can be edited ‘in-line’ on the Flow View page, or on the Step Detail view.
Edit Step ResponseThe Step Response can be edited on the Step Detail view as a ‘Text Element’.
Link Step to ElementAn Element can be linked to a Step on the Step Detail view.