Releases and Project Lifecycle

Primary uses a Project as a container for each app model, and snapshots can be taken of that model (whole or partial) at various points in its development to create Releases. A Release can be individually reviewed and commented upon. The main ‘working branch’ of each project is itself a type of Release, but one that can be edited, whereas the snapshot releases are immutable.

Project Team and Permissions

Projects are owned by the Company you created when you created your account. If you upgrade to a Team Account and add more seats, you can share your projects amongst your team members. There are two levels of sharing ‘Manager’ and ‘Editor’. Managers can do anything the project owner can do, Editors can edit the project content, but not invite or remove team members, or create Releases.

External Viewers

In addition to your own Company team members, Projects can be shared with external collaborators. Collaborators are known as ‘Viewers’ in Primary, and can be invited from the Project Settings page, accessible from the main ‘kebab’ menu. (Note, Personal accounts cannot access these features.)

Viewers are invited to create a Primary account to gain access, or are sent a notification if they already have an account. Viewers can see the entire model in both the Modeling and Presentation views, but they cannot make edits to the model. They can, however, add comments to the model, and they can specifically refer to team members with an ‘@’ style comment.

Shared Projects will appear under the ‘Shared with me’ page rather than the main ‘Primary’ page. Viewers can be removed from the Project by an Administrator of the Projects owner, or by a Project Manager.

Creating Releases

With the correct permission (Company Admin or Project Manager) you can create a release from the main ‘kebab’ menu. You can name the Release, Give it a description and pick which Flows should be included. Note that any related Elements that are used in those Flows will also be included in the Release. A list of Releases can be viewed by selecting the Release Versions link from the same menu.

Sharing Releases

From the Release Versions view, it is possible to Share either a Presentation or Document view of the Project. Further it is possible to allow the Project to be viewed by ‘anyone with the link’ or only with users who have specific project permissions.


Comments can be added to Flows, Steps and Elements. As part of the normal review process, a reviewer can add comments about specific parts of the model, and can direct comments to specific team members. Comments are viewed in the ‘Message Centre’ which is linked from the speech-balloon icon in the header. The message system will update during the session with a delay of several minutes.

Version Control

All changes to the model are recorded in a history, and attributed to the responsible team member. This is viewable in the Project Settings.